Fish in a dream

I believe I saved them, I woke up happy. A sigh at the end of a dreadful night.

It was a dream. A strange one.

Three fish on the floor. How did they get out of the water? They are growing bigger, becoming swollen.

I remember the touch of the moist slippery skin in my palm. The little rounded mouths searching. The small aquarium looks too far away. I can’t reach it. I’m running around the room panicking. They are dying.

I was becoming claustrophobic. I felt swallowable.

I want to save them, I know that water would bring them back.

I know that water is their life but I forgot that fact at that very moment. I forgot.

I am holding the fish, watching its white inside dry up. And I remembered!

I woke up to the image of water melting inside the fish. They were alive again. And so was I.

I woke up happy.

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