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Un mille Yens

J’arroserai la fleur violette Je me redresserai le dos et chasserai ces picotements J’avalerai le somnifère Mais avant cela, J’achèterai un nouveau cardo Pour garder la fraiche senteur de mon mini-réfrigérateur J’introduirai un mille Yens dans l’agile machine Avec un … Continue reading

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A thousand Yen

I’ll water the purple flower I’ll straighten the back and stop those pokes I’ll swallow the sleeping pill But prior to that, I’ll buy a new cardo That saves the fragrant smell in my mini fridge I will introduce a … Continue reading

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ألف ين

ساسقي الزهرة البنفسجية سأقوم الظهر واطرد تلك الوخزات سابتلع حبة المنوم وقبل ذلك ساشتري كاردو جديدا يحفظ فواح الرائحة في برادي الميني ألف ين سادخلها في الماكينة الرشيقة مع ألف ين جديدة ساطفئ الشاشة السوداء الميني وأسكت تلك القصيدة الزائفة … Continue reading

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Because I freaked out…

“Dear friends, Our friend R– has been undergoing chemotherapy for gastric cancer for the last two years. She is now in need of an aggressive operation. She has received the approval of a Washington, DC cancer centre for admission to … Continue reading

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Eager to see

I have been surfing the Internet looking for photos and representations of the signet ring cells that constitute my cancer. I attempted to paint the cell in my head a thousand times. And when I tried for real the result … Continue reading

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Dream #3

Pain I loathe your correctness Body Break free, nest your passion Spit, masturbate, breathe Breathe breathe breathe Spit her out, promise her

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Je me souviens à présent de la douleur que le monstre a provoquée quand il a grandi dans mon ventre. Mon ventre est  petit. Il l’est resté malgré le monstre mais il est devenu douloureux et mouvant. J’ai d’abord suspecté … Continue reading

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